The “Smart” House



It is here in Billuryali that the modern dweller can live in harmony with his surroundings and the environment, in peace and secure and comfortable with the help of what latest technology has to offer. The “Smart” Houses in Billuryali community offers a full and wide list of amenities that are all integrated into an automation interface that let you run your house at your fingertips through the convenience of its remote console or even your very own smartphone that you can synchronize for use with the “smart house” software!

Such amenities and features range from lighting, and curtains or blinds to home theater settings, HVAC, to security alarms for theft protection, water leakage and fire to house-wide PA system or pet care unit controls. The technology that makes this kind of integration and automation possible offers the Billuryali residents comfort, convenience, safety and more time that you can spend with those you love in your own Billuryali. From the convenience of your mobile phone, the Billuryali resident has the power to turn on or off HVAC in any and all rooms of the house, for example, or turn off lights that one can easily forget when leaving the house in a hurry. Is it not just like a dream come true that one can run his house from a mile or a thousand mile away with the freedom that your mobile phone gives you?